Winning the global challenge through the creation of skills and competences worldwide and through industrial cooperation

We believe that achieving climate goals requires skills, to be created rapidly, broadly, and inclusively, to educate on climate mitigation and adaptation and to develop innovative solutions for decarbonization. Fondazione MAIRE is bringing to the attention of the COP the relevance and perceived urgency of creating and upskilling skills for the energy transition.

How strong is the perception that new skills and job profiles need to be developed to make achieving climate goals feasible and possible? What kind of skills are needed to make a zero-emissions economy a reality?

To understand the role of skills and training in shaping an effective and inclusive process, Fondazione MAIRE in collaboration with IPSOS conducted an international study in 10 countries, with 1,700 interviews and in-depth interviews with 15 experts in sustainability and energy transition, with the title:“Winning the global challenge through the creation of skills and competences worldwide and through industrial cooperation”.

The required skills of future energy transition professionals turn out to vary from country to country, but both hard and soft skills, both technical and humanistic disciplines, both technology, economics and sustainability knowledge, both critical thinking and creative soft skills are crucial. This is paramount to developing new low carbon solutions in a challenging environment of growing complexity.

These findings contained in the study have been presented during the COP 28, in a panel discussion led by Ilaria Catastini, General Manager, Fondazione MAIRE, and Nando Pagnoncelli, President, Ipsos Italy. Participating in the proceedings were Francesco La Camera, Director General, International Renewable Energy Agency; Daniela Bernacchi, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Italy; Lorenzo Fanara, Italian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates; Divya Reddy, International Energy Agency.

We believe in a disruptive change in the way we train people needed to achieve net zero. As Fondazione MAIRE, we continue our commitment to help evolve society towards carbon neutrality goals through training and cultural incitement.

Do you want to know more? Download the white paper and watch the video presentation at COP 28:

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