Fondazione MAIRE as a partner of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) will take part in the NEB Festival satellite event "Dialogues on Milan: the city as a common resource" .

In the session dedicated to resources for the future and education for sustainability, the Fondazione's Director General, Ilaria Catastini will discuss the results of the research "Climate change: Winning the global challenge through the creation of skills and competences worldwide" already presented at the Dubai Climate Conference.

It will be an important opportunity to address together with exponents of Milanese culture and education the opportunities offered by the energy transition in educational processes and the role of places of learning in the development of future humanist engineers.

The event will take place at Politecnico di Milano (Bonardi Campus, Clover Building) on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

Want to know more about the research? Visit the dedicated page: cop28 | Fondazione (