The EvolveArt contest is dedicated to Italian artistic high school students, on the energy transition, and is promoted by Fondazione MAIRE together with the Associazione Amici della Biennale dei Licei Artistici (AbiLiArt) and the Rete Nazionale dei Licei Aritstici (ReNaLiArt). The contest collects almost 300 artistic works, of which 8 were chosen as joint winners and 20 received special mentions.

The 28 selected works are collected on this page, indicating the title, author, and high school to which each one belongs.

These 28 works are exposed from 20th to 28th May on the Via Sacra of the Colosseum Archaeological Park. The power of art for a vision of the future that holds past and present together is something powerful that accompanies the effort of technological and engineering genius to find sustainable solutions to one of the most complex problems in human history.

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